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  • Backflow Testing on Long Island: What You Need to Know

    The state of New York requires water services to use cross connection control, which means they are required to use a backflow prevention device, which must be tested each year. In essence, a backflow prevention device is an appliance that prevents a water supply from being contaminated by pollution or other harmful substances. We offer

  • Solving a Low Water Pressure Issue

    There are few things worse than a low water pressure problem when you're trying to take a shower or do the dishes. The cause of low water pressure can be specific to an appliance or it can be an overall problem with your piping system. So how do you fix the problem? Here are a few suggestions that might help. Adjust Your Water Valves Water valves regulate how ...

  • Well Water vs. City Water Systems

    Do you know the differences between well water and city water systems? Besides the fact that the water comes from different places, there are lots of other differences between the systems. Both can offer quality water and both require regular maintenance and sometimes repairs. Well Water When you buy or rent a house, you are also paying for the well and septic system that go with ...

  • 5 Things You Should Know About Your Pipes

    Not everyone is a hardware expert, and as a homeowner, you may not know all the ins and outs of what makes your home work well. However, knowing the basics of your plumbing system and your home's pipes can be extremely helpful. Just think, next time you call your plumber you'll be able to tell him where the problem is, and not just "something ...

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