Backflow Testing on Long Island: What You Need to Know

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The state of New York requires water services to use cross connection control, which means they are required to use a backflow prevention device, which must be tested each year. In essence, a backflow prevention device is an appliance that prevents a water supply from being contaminated by pollution or other harmful substances. We offer backflow testing on Long Island to help you meet the requirements and comply with this regulation.

What is Backflow?

The water stored outside your home is under pressure so that when you turn your faucet on water will exit at a usable force. Backflow can occur in two different scenarios. The first, known as back pressure, happens when there is higher pressure in a plumbing system than in the water supply. The second, called back siphonage, happens when there is a lower pressure in the plumbing system than in the water supply.

If your pipes freeze, burst or expand, the pressure in your pipes changes, which can cause the system to draw contaminated water from the surrounding area into the water supply. This occurrence is called backflow. Backflow can be very dangerous, since it can contaminate a clean water supply, putting people’s health at risk.

Backflow Prevention Devices

A backflow prevention device is a type of valve that is used at various points of a plumbing system that are deemed susceptible to backflow. The device prevents contaminated water from flowing through the pipe to the water supply. There are several different kinds of devices, such as vacuum breakers and reduced pressure zone devices. The kind of device used depends on the particular plumbing system and situational needs.

Backflow Testing

Backflow prevention devices are vital to maintaining a clean water system in both homes and businesses. New York requires these valves to be tested every year. The testing ensures the device is working correctly and can effectively prevent backflow. We provide backflow testing on Long Island and can come to your location to ensure your plumbing system is protected. One of our technicians can access the ports on your prevention device and use a test kit to make sure it is working correctly.

Installing and testing a backflow prevention device is required by the state of New York. Our technicians are highly trained and capable of helping you with the process, so you can meet the requirements and rest assured that your water is clean and safe.

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