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Planning A Gas Conversion?  Pat Dolan Plumbing Has Successfully Completed Hundreds Of Conversion For Customers Just Like you.  Call Us Today To Find Out How We Can Save You Money!

As an experienced licensed plumber, Pat Dolan Plumbing can assist you with the installation of gas plumbing lines in your home. This is not a do it yourself project that a novice can handle because of the danger of leakage and a potential for an explosion.

Significant Cost Savings

Many homeowners are converting to gas for the cost savings.  In the past five years, the national average cost per kilowatt for electricity has risen steadily. New York has some of the highest costs per kilowatt in the nation. Natural gas is plentiful, and while its usage has increased in recent years, the prices are not as volatile as electricity.

Good For The Environment

Natural gas usage for appliances also benefits the environment. It is mostly methane and burns cleaner than the other widely used fossil fuels. Natural gas emits 45% less carbon dioxide than coal, which is used to fuel many electrical generating plants. Although gas has the potential to be explosive, natural gas is lighter than air. It is more likely to dissipate if a leak does occur. Propane, however,  is much more dangerous because it is heavier than air and thus, tends to pool into potentially explosive pockets. Because of these dangers you must ensure you use a licensed and experienced plumber, such as Pat Dolan Plumbing,  to install or repair your gas plumbing.

Pat Dolan Plumbing is a Bethpage Plumber who has been installing gas plumbing in Freeport homes for over 40 years.  Contact us today to find out how we can help in your gas plumbing installation or conversion.

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