Commercial Plumbing

 Commercial Plumbing

commercial plumber-300Pat Dolan’s commercial plumbing business, Alcyone Plumbing, provides professional service to our customers. We recognize that the level of our success depends upon the quality and value of the services we provide. Our business relationships are personal to us, from our initial contact with each customer to our final “thank you” for using our services.

Some of the commercial services we provide are listed below. However, for more information on commercial services, installation and repair, please click on the link provided below.

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Our Commercial Plumbing Services Include:

General Commercial Plumbing Services

  • Handicapped and regular bathroom installations, upgrades, and repairs
  • Bathroom repairs, upgrades and restorations
  • Restaurant and convenience food installations
  • Indirect waste for food prep and service
  • Board of Health, agricultural and market issues
  • Commercial kitchen installations
  • Compressed air
  • Fire sprinkler systems
  • Gas systems
  • Heating system installation and maintenance
  • Heating applications
  • Hot water booster systems
  • Tempering valves for scald protection
  • Grease trap installation, repair and maintenance
  • Investigation and location services
  • Pumps
  • Roof drainage from roof to dry wells
  • Sinks
  • Site work
  • Specialty supply systems
  • Stoppage control – grease removal
  • Trench and floor drains
  • Vacuum systems
  • Water systems
  • Back flow prevention professional engineer drawings
  • Installations in NYC and Long Island
  • Plumbing violations – NYC and Long Island
Natural Gas

  • Service and installations
  • Gas conversions
  • Multi-boiler upgrades
  • On-demand boiler and hot water supply
  • Gas testing and repairs
  • Legalization of unit heaters/boilers
  • L.P. gas services
  • Gas step-down regulators
  • Emergency generators


  • Infrared loading dock heat
  • Multi-stage boilers
  • Steam boilers and steam lines
  • Unit heaters

Pumps – Lift Stations

  • Sewage ejection for bathrooms
  • Twin ejectors for buildings
  • Ground water pumps
  • Well point pumps
  • Pressure boosters for coffee stations
  • Domestic water pressure pumps
  • Heating circulation pumps
  • Steam condensate pumps
  • Oil transfer pumps

Alcyone Plumbing is not just a Long Island Commercial Plumber,  we service the entire New York metropolitan area. The company has serviced thousands of national and regional businesses as well as local stores for over 40 years. Pat Dolan is a Licensed Master Plumber in New York City and throughout Long Island. Our list of services for restaurants, commercial buildings, apartment complexes and retail locations can be accessed at Alcyone Plumbing.

All commercial services provided by Pat Dolan Plumbing and Alcyone Plumbing are fully insured and naturally guaranteed.


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