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Don’t Let Your Home Drown In Plumbing Problems.  Pat Dolan Plumbing Specializes In Water and Gas Leak Detection.  We Are Your 24/7 Plumbing Solution!

You might come home to a broken pipe or notice a strange watermark on the celling of your home. If you encounter this situation you should turn off the water and call Pat Dolan Plumbing to immediately assist you in the leak detection process. Because a small pipe leak can quickly turn into a serious flooding situation, it is important to get a professional to you home to fix the problem.

Know Where Your Shutoff Valves Are Located

Preparation for such an event starts with knowing where to shut off the water.   Before you have a leak,  take a few minutes and locate all the water shut off valves in your home. Make sure everyone living in your home knows where the valves are located and how to use them. Even your kids can shut off the water at the wall if the toilet is overflowing, saving you thousands of dollars in damage.  There are emergency shut offs to your sinks and washing machine too. Even your water heater should have an emergency shut off valve. In most cases, leak detection is not hard especially if there is water where it should not be. Nevertheless, if you have a leak in a wall, it may not be so obvious until you have a serious situation on your hands.

If you suspect a leak,  do a visual inspection and provide us with as much information as you can including how long you think its been leaking and how much standing water there is. If the damage is on a wall or the ceiling, you should touch the spot to see if it’s wet or dry. This allows you to tell one of our experienced technicians if the damage was still occurring when you shut the water off or if the water stopped leaking hours before you noticed the damage.

One common mistake many homeowners make is hiring the first plumber they manage to get a hold of.  Even in an emergency, you should consider the plumber’s competence, their qualifications and licensing. Pat Dolan has been a Merrick Plumber for over 40 years and is experienced in leak detection.  Give us a call today for any plumbing related issues.

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