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Clogged drains are an irritating problem for homeowners. If you own a home, sooner or later, you will experience a drain stoppage. There are several reasons stoppages occur including grease build up or hair clogs.

Causes of Clogged Drains

Homeowners generally do not pay enough attention to the plumbing in their homes and they certainly don’t give their drains a second thought unless they develop a stoppage.  When trying to fix  a clogged drain in the bathroom sink or shower, you should check the stopper or the drain screen for hair, as this is usually the cause.

In the kitchen, sink stoppage are nearly always caused by grease which should never be put down your sink. Let the grease cool and put it in a container to go in the trash. Scrape your plates into the trash before rinsing even if you have a garbage disposal. Rotten food stuck in your drains can create a foul odor, especially in the summer months.

Causes of External Stoppages

The main cause of a drain stoppage outside of your home are usually tree roots.  As roots grow,  the tiny feeder roots can find the smallest crack in your pipe and force their way in. Eventually, these roots will block the drainage system especially if you are putting food down the kitchen sink which can become hung up on the roots. Because many clogged drains require special tools to fix,  you may need the help of a plumbing professional, such as Pat Dolan Plumbing.

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