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Plainedge Plumber

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Replacing plumbing fixtures is a great way of giving a new look to your home. Often times, homeowners are forced into changing a fixture if the routine quick-fixes are no longer solving the problem.

Beyond functionality, the replacement of sinks, tubs, faucets and other bathroom components allows you to increase the aesthetics of your bathroom and create a more comfortable living environment.

Bathroom fixtures are available in many decorative styles from antique looking to ultra sleek and modern.  The fixtures can also be found in brass, copper, or chrome finishes to match your decor.

Consider Green Alternatives To Help The Environment & Your Bank Account

If greener living is a consideration for you, the time to begin making the transition is when you are facing replacement of the fixtures anyway. Slow flow shower heads can save a substantial amount of water and money. Changes to federal laws require the flow rate to be no greater than 2.5 gallons per minute. Believe it or not, the new designs are so efficient you will not notice the difference.

Dual flush toilets are also coming down in price. This type of fixture is normally seen in malls and restaurants but is becoming a more feasible option for the average homeowner.

Pat Dolan Plumbing is a Plainedge Plumber who specializes in planning and installing your custom plumbing fixtures. Give us a call today to discuss your plumbing fixture options.

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