Drain Cleaning


Pat Dolan Plumbing Has the Experience, Tools and Trained Experts Necessary To Clear Any Drain.  Our Top-Of-The-Line Equipment Will Get Your Drain Flowing Fast!

drain cleaning-300A clogged drain can be a real problem and often times can lead to overflowing sinks and toilets causing a mess.  Some minor blockages can be cleared out with the help of a plunger or one of those chemical products but that is usually a short-term solution and may cause damage to the pipes, fixtures and even your skin.

We Use State-Of-The-Art Equipment

If you want to ensure the clog is properly removed give Pat Dolan Plumbing a call.  We use the newest plumbing equipment available to remove even the toughest blockages FAST! Because we value your time, we ensure our equipment is always in fine working order and that our technicians are fully trained and ready to tackle any drain blockage you may encounter.

What Causes Clogged Drains?

Many things can cause a drain blockage such as hair, soap, toothpaste, grease or even food.  We understand that because of the many ways a clog is formed there is not a one size fits all solution.   Because of this we employ an arsenal of tools from motorized augers to water jetting machines to specialized snaking devices to name a few.  With the use of these tools and the knowledge and experience of our expert plumbers we are able to quickly get your pipes flowing freely.

Pat Dolan Plumbing has been offering drain-cleaning service to Nassau County for over 40 years.   We pride ourselves on getting your plumbing problems solved fast and leaving your home as clean as when we arrived.  Contact Pat Dolan Plumbing today.  We are available 24 hours a day 7 days per week.

Our Drain Cleaning Services Include:

  • Stopped-up main sewer lines
  • Clogged sinks, tubs and toilets
  • Video camera inspections
  • Electric augers and cutting machines
  • High velocity jetting




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