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  • Backflow Testing on Long Island: What You Need to Know

    The state of New York requires water services to use cross connection control, which means they are required to use a backflow prevention device, which must be tested each year. In essence, a backflow prevention device is an appliance that prevents a water supply from being contaminated by pollution or other harmful substances. We offer

  • Take Your Laundry Room to the Max With These Easy Changes

    You may only use your laundry room for chores, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring. In fact, some easy do-it-yourself changes can take your laundry room from bland to attractive and can even bring added functionality, making doing laundry easy. Create Attractive Storage Spaces Are your bottles of detergents, fabric softeners and stain removers cluttering up ...

  • More Than a Faucet: Your Plumbing Fixture Options

    Your bathroom or kitchen sink faucet is more than a mechanism; it is an accessory that can help add style to your home. Some faucet styles also add extra functions to your sink, making it easier to wash up in the bathroom or do dishes in the kitchen. Our technicians specialize in bathroom and kitchen remodeling services. For more information about moving your plumbing fixtures or adjusting your piping system, contact us. We are a Freeport plumber that is ...

  • Solving a Low Water Pressure Issue

    There are few things worse than a low water pressure problem when you're trying to take a shower or do the dishes. The cause of low water pressure can be specific to an appliance or it can be an overall problem with your piping system. So how do you fix the problem? Here are a few suggestions that might help. Adjust Your Water Valves Water valves regulate how ...

  • What to Ask Your Plumber After a Service Call

    When a plumber finishes servicing your plumbing system or appliance the job isn't completely done. There are some questions you should ask your plumber before he leaves so you can make sure you understand what services were performed and to avoid future problems. When you call us for a plumber in Farmingdale or a plumber in 11735, you can trust that we will get the job done right. ...

  • 3 Color Schemes for Your Bathroom Makeover

    Giving your bathroom a makeover is a great way to breathe new life into a dull or sterile room and to freshen up your home. Decorating a bathroom can be fun because it is often less expensive than decorating another room. You likely have less furniture and even less wall space in your bathroom, so just a few changes can completely transform the room. However, if you are interested in a complete remodel, we are an 

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