3 Color Schemes for Your Bathroom Makeover

Giving your bathroom a makeover is a great way to breathe new life into a dull or sterile room and to freshen up your home. Decorating a bathroom can be fun because it is often less expensive than decorating another room. You likely have less furniture and even less wall space in your bathroom, so just a few changes can completely transform the room. However, if you are interested in a complete remodel, we are an Amityville plumber, and a plumber in 11701, that specializes in bathroom remodels.

You can get inspiration for your bathroom’s color palette from items you already have in the room, like rugs, a shower curtain or artwork. However, if you want to a whole new look, here are a few color schemes that are perfect for a bathroom.

Beach Inspired


Shades of blues with beige and warm brown for accents can make a great beach-inspired bathroom. Blue walls with beige molding or baseboards will look stunning. You can use the other colors for accents in accessories like towels, rugs and bathroom sets.

Beach-themed bathrooms are common and can be a classy way to redo your bathroom. Add some seashells or anchor accessories, light-colored towels and some beadboard to complete the look. Silver colored or porcelain fixtures would go well with this color scheme.

Warm Naturals


Larger bathrooms with plenty of light can lend themselves to a darker, warmer color scheme. These colors are rich and cozy and will bring a luxurious feel to your bathroom. To pull off this look, you might consider focusing on the lighter shades and then using the darker colors for accents or to draw attention to specific parts of your bathroom.

If your bathroom is large enough, you could paint all of your walls a lighter color and then paint one wall, which can be the focal point, a bold eye-catching color. Bronze fixtures and warm-colored tile will go well with this palette.

Summer Brights


This color scheme includes some bright, happy tones. These colors work well in almost any bathroom and can be used in so many ways. Start with one color as the foundation and then use the others to add splashes of color throughout the room. These colors can fit in with a modern or traditional style, making them a great pick for all kinds of homes.

Each of these color schemes can add new life to your bathroom. With a new coat of paint and a few added accessories, your bathroom will look brand new. If your makeover plans include remodeling your bathroom, contact us. We are an Amityville plumber and a Plainview plumber that specializes in bathroom remodels.

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