What to Ask Your Plumber After a Service Call


When a plumber finishes servicing your plumbing system or appliance the job isn’t completely done. There are some questions you should ask your plumber before he leaves so you can make sure you understand what services were performed and to avoid future problems.

When you call us for a plumber in Farmingdale or a plumber in 11735, you can trust that we will get the job done right. But, we are more than happy to help you understand the details of our service call.

What Services Did You Perform?

Of course, you know why you called a plumber. You probably even knew what kinds of services your home needed. However, depending on what your plumber finds when he begins working, he may perform additional, or even different, services. It’s important to ask what kind of work was done so you know what is happening with your system.

How Are Things Working Now?

Getting an update on how your system or appliance seems to be running after a technician works on it can help you understand how the service call was beneficial. This information can also tell you what to expect. For example, if a plumber replaces one part, and he’s not sure what kind of impact it will make, you can keep an eye on things to make sure the problem is solved.

Are There Any Precautions or Steps I Should Take?

Sometimes there are special precautions or steps that need to be taken after a service call. Make sure you ask your plumber about this so the repairs will stay in place or to prevent any further damage. It’s a good idea to write these steps down so you don’t forget any details. For a Farmingdale plumber that will help you understand what precautions to take, contact us.

Can I Avoid This Problem From Happening Again?

Even if you don’t realize it, you may have accidentally caused a plumbing problem. You may have used an appliance incorrectly or failed to take good care of your home’s pipes. Be sure to ask your plumber what you can do to avoid future problems.

Of course, the answer may be that you can’t do anything, since many times problems are beyond your control. Parts wear out and sometimes pipes become clogged, through no fault of the homeowner.

Next time a plumber comes to your home for a repair, keep this list handy and get the answers to questions that could help you prevent damage, save money and treat your appliances and parts well so they will last longer. We are a Farmingdale plumber and will help you understand the services we perform when we visit your home.

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