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Green Plumbing

Let Us Work With You To Identify Your Best Options To Help The Environment & Save Money.

green plumbing-300Everyone talks about “Green Plumbing” as a way to save the environment and money.

Pat Dolan Plumbing was involved with Green Plumbing years before it became popular. 30 years ago, Pat was selected to attend a New York State sponsored energy efficiency school where participants learned how to maximize the amount of energy that can be drawn from a fuel source. When you use fuel efficiently, you also reduce the number of resources you need and your impact on the environment.

There are a number of ways you can introduce Green Plumbing into your home. Below are a few examples. Call Pat Dolan Plumbing to talk about your full range of Green Plumbing possibilities.

Is Your Boiler the Right Size?

When you decide to replace your boiler, you need a technician who can correctly assess your heating needs. Green Plumbing involves accurately calculating your home’s needs and installing an appropriately sized boiler. This helps the environment and saves you money when you avoid installing an oversized boiler.

Reassess Your Water Heating Needs

Another simple way to “Go Green” is to recognize that your water heating requirements change as the years go by. For example, when children move out of the home, parents will not need as much hot water on a daily basis. This is a prime opportunity to reduce your hot water expenses. The key is to create a water heating system that allows the kids to return for a weekend visit while still having sufficient hot water for everyone.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Radiant Heating

As we grow older, converting our heated living space so that it leaves a smaller footprint is a good way to save, as long as it is done properly. Hydronic radiant heating systems use water as a medium for heat transfer, which allows you to warm multiple areas of your home using one energy-efficient system. The key is to ensure that your radiant heating system is installed properly so that your rooms remain warm on cold winter nights.

Over the years, Pat Dolan Plumbing has sent a number of employees to the Wirsbo Factory in Apple Valley, Minnesota to be trained in energy efficient radiant “warm floor” installations. We have the expertise you need to bring radiant heating into your home. You may be surprised at how much money you can save by heating your swimming pool using radiant heat or how a radiant heat ceiling can work in a master bedroom.


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