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We have all experienced low water preassure when more than one faucet is running at the same time. However, if your water pressure drops suddenly throughout your property, it is probably indicative of a problem in your feeder pipes or a restriction elsewhere in your water system. You can do some routine investigation yourself before calling in an expert like Pat Dolan Plumbing.

How To Check Your Water System

The first step is to check all the shut off valves in your system. If the valve is a part of your water meter, you will need to contact a plumbing contractor to assist you. The water meter is not a novice level project, and some areas require you get a permit to work on it. Often, the homes in the Bellmore area have another pressure regulator valve/shut off where the feeder pipe brings the water into your house. Make sure this valve is all the way open. You can check the water pressure yourself and it should be no higher than 80 pounds per square inch. This valve can get corroded from the inside and the pieces can begin to break down. The valves are nearly always brass and typically welded; most homeowners lack the experience or tools to repair them.

There are also valves for the fixtures and appliances in your home; check them all and pay close attention to whether the water pressure seems constant throughout your water system.  Depending on the rainfall and snow from year to year, the mineral content and sediment level in your water will fluctuate. If there is more sediment in the water than usual, this may build up and cause lower water pressure in your home.

Do Not Delay The Repair of Low Water Pressure

Do not ignore low water pressure.  A restriction or a leak will certainly cause low water pressure in your home and you might think it is trivial.  However, If you wait too long before taking action, you could end up with a serious problem like a valve failure or even a flooded house. If you are proactive you can avoid a potentially costly disaster.

If you experience low water pressure, try and perform a routine inspection as described above.  If the low water pressure issues persist don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Pat Dolan Plumbing is a Bellmore Plumber who has been troubleshooting and fixing water pressure issues for the past 40 years. Call us today to get help with your water pressure issues.

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