Three Ways to Update Your Kitchen in One Weekend

Is your kitchen in need of an update? Even if you aren’t quite ready for a complete remodel or upgrade, there are some easy ways you can give your kitchen a fresh look. With some creativity and a quick trip to the hardware store, you could add something new to your kitchen this weekend.

1. Paint the Walls

new paint

A fresh coat of paint can go a long way and may be the easiest way to freshen up your kitchen. Kitchen walls tend to get dingy and greasy over time and painting them can make them look like new. Adding some paint can also add new style or dimension.

Go with a bright color like yellow or green and consider only painting portions of your kitchen. Maybe you could just paint one wall, or maybe you could paint the back of a shelving unit or glass-front cupboard. Little details like this add a new look and also add a lot of personality to a kitchen.

2. Add Some Dimension


Things like shelves, wainscoting, elegant fixtures and butcher blocks are budget friendly and can add dimension. The best way to decide how to add dimension to your kitchen is to assess available space. When you’ve found an area that is lacking and that has some room, take good measurements and head to the hardware or kitchen store.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to add clutter to your kitchen, but you do want to add some interest. Just add a few things and then make sure the items don’t interfere with how you use your kitchen. Adding one piece at a time is a great way to make sure you don’t add too much, making it hard to use your kitchen.

Before you cut into your drywall or add nails, make sure you know where your kitchen pipes are. If you aren’t sure where your pipe system is, we can help you locate it and plan a safe remodel. We’re a Wantagh plumber and a 24 hour plumber on Long Island that offers kitchen and bathroom remodeling services.

3. Soften the Details

soft details

With appliances, counters and tile floors, kitchens can feel hard and unwelcoming. In one weekend you can add some softness to your kitchen that will make it cozier. Think rugs, curtains, chair cushions or plants. All of these elements can add to the design of your kitchen while making it feel a little less sterile.

If you decide to add a few soft details at a time, determine an overall theme or color scheme you want to use and then make sure each purchase fits that theme.

This weekend, breathe new life into your kitchen by adding a fresh coat of paint, creating some dimension or softening the details. You may be surprised at what a big difference a small change can make.

Pat Dolan Plumbing, a plumber in 11793 and a 24 hour plumber on Long Island, specializes in bathroom and kitchen remodels. Contact us if your kitchen update requires a more invasive change or a piping change.

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