Take Your Laundry Room to the Max With These Easy Changes

You may only use your laundry room for chores, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. In fact, some easy do-it-yourself changes can take your laundry room from bland to attractive and can even bring added functionality, making doing laundry easy.

Create Attractive Storage Spaces

Image courtesy of Maegan Tintari/

Image courtesy of Maegan Tintari/Flickr.

Are your bottles of detergents, fabric softeners and stain removers cluttering up your laundry room? Get rid of the piled up containers on your dryer or tiny shelf by adding some attractive storage that actually works. Good storage can help de-clutter your laundry room, making it feel more spacious and clean, and it can also make the space easier to use.

You can get creative by using an area you already have and transforming it into better storage by adding drawer or cupboard organizers, or you can add new storage altogether. One affordable idea is to add some simple shelves with bins that can be pulled down for easy access.

Turn Your Appliances into a Countertop

Image courtesy of Federica/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Federica/Flickr.

If you have a front-loading washer and dryer, you can add a piece of stained or painted wood, or even a countertop section on top of them to add added counter space that’s perfect for folding clothes or adding some visual appeal to your laundry room. Don’t set the shelf or countertop directly on your appliances, instead install it by attaching it to the adjacent walls or add side support to hold the counter above your appliances.

A laundry room sink can bring a lot of functionality to the room. If you have enough space you can extend the countertop you install over your washer and dryer to add a place for a sink with storage underneath. For a Hicksville plumber, a plumber in Amityville, or a plumber in 11801, that can help alter or add to your piping system to make room for a sink, contact us.

Infuse Your Home’s Decor


Image courtesy of Maegan Tintari/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Maegan Tintari/Flickr.

Many times a home’s style and decorations stop at the laundry room. Sure, your guests aren’t likely to see the room, but bringing little touches like curtains, framed art or a stylish rug into the laundry room can make it more pleasant. Continuing the flow of your home’s decor also takes a laundry room from a storage or utility room to just another room in your home.

Make it More than a Laundry Room

Image courtesy of Maegan Tintari/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Maegan Tintari/Flickr.

Large laundry rooms can be updated to add a linen closet, mudroom, or even garden storage area. This approach not only makes your laundry room even more useful, but can also open up space in the rest of your home. For example, by adding linen storage to your laundry room, you can make more space in that hall closet. Mudroom and laundry room combination are very popular. You can add a mudroom by simply adding rugs, shoe storage and a coat rack.

Transforming your laundry room to make it more functional or to add something new is a great way to update your home. If your makeover plans include adding or moving plumbing fixtures, contact us. We’re a Hicksville plumber that offers remodeling services.

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