More Than a Faucet: Your Plumbing Fixture Options

Your bathroom or kitchen sink faucet is more than a mechanism; it is an accessory that can help add style to your home. Some faucet styles also add extra functions to your sink, making it easier to wash up in the bathroom or do dishes in the kitchen.

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Beyond the color of a faucet, do you know what each style has to offer? Here’s a guide to help you understand your options.

Traditional Faucet


The traditional faucet is common in bathrooms, but is sometimes used in kitchens. This faucet has a very basic spout and handles that can come in a few different styles. If you opt for this faucet, you will be getting a very traditional look that could even lean toward a retro style.

Arched Faucet


Arched faucets are extremely useful in kitchens because they allow you to fit big pots and pans under the flow of water more easily. An arched faucet can also lend a luxurious, classy look to a bathroom. Arched faucets can come with a variety of handle types. Installing this kind of faucet is relatively easy. However, if you want to change the location of your sink, you will need to contact us, a plumber in Freeport, to assess your piping system.

Single Handle Faucet


Single handled faucets bring a streamlined, simplistic look to a bathroom or kitchen. Many times these faucets are paired with other features, like an arch or sprayer, as seen below. The color and handle style you choose can all change the look of your sink.

Pull-Out Faucet


Pull-out faucets add a whole new level of functionality to a kitchen. This faucet extends when the end is removed and pulled out from the rest of the faucet. Doing dishes and cleaning the sink becomes much easier with this feature. Mix a pull-out faucet with different handle styles for a custom look that matches all kinds of decor styles.

Separate Sprayer Faucet


A variation from the pull-out faucet, this type of faucet has both a regular faucet head and a pull-out sprayer. This style can include an arched faucet and almost any handle style. The sprayer is a separate unit that can be pulled out for easier cleaning.

Waterfall Faucet


This is a relatively new faucet style that can add a modern twist to your kitchen or add a spa-like feeling to your bathroom. A waterfall faucet is open on the top and the water pours out, like a waterfall, over a glass or metal base into the sink. Different styles include different handle types.

If you are considering remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, we are a Freeport plumber, or plumber in 11520, that specializes in these areas. We can help you repipe your home so that you can safely move plumbing fixtures.

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