Well Water vs. City Water Systems

Do you know the differences between well water and city water systems? Besides the fact that the water comes from different places, there are lots of other differences between the systems. Both can offer quality water and both require regular maintenance and sometimes repairs.

Well Water

When you buy or rent a house, you are also paying for the well and septic system that go with a well system. You are paying for the equipment required to pump and filter water and be delivered into your home. You will pay the ongoing cost of electricity to run the equipment as well as maintenance costs.

Well water systems require homeowners to be much more involved in the plumbing system of their home. They require you to test your water to be sure it is safe and to provide proof of that to your mortgage lender. You will have to be responsible for noticing and taking care of leaks and broken pipes. For a professional plumber in Hicksville, or a plumber in 11801, that can help you keep your plumbing system running smoothly, call Pat Dolan Plumbing.

City Water

City water comes from a source maintained by your city and shared by others in your area. The city is responsible for all the testing and maintenance of the actual water system, but you are still responsible for taking care of the plumbing in your own home and on your own property. With this set up, you will pay a monthly water bill to the city to cover the cost of providing the water.

One perk to being on your city’s water system is that if the power were to go out, you will still have access to water. And, if something were to happen, like a natural disaster or a contamination, the city will be responsible for providing clean and safe water for you.

Both of these water systems can work equally well, and sometimes it’s all a matter of location that determines what kind of system your home has. If you live outside of city limits or in a rural area, you may be on a well system. If you live within the city, you will likely be on a city water system.

No matter what kind of system your home is on, you will be required to maintain your plumbing system by taking care of things like leaks, water heaters and clogged drains. Pat Dolan Plumbing is a professional plumbing company that can help you keep your system running efficiently. For a Plainview plumber, or a plumber in 11803, call us at 516-798-8943.


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