Protecting Your Bathroom Plumbing Before You Do a DIY Remodel

Are you planning a do-it-yourself bathroom remodel? If you are, there are a few things you should keep in mind before you start. There are lots of appliances in your bathroom that require plumbing, and the last thing you want to do is cause expensive damage to your plumbing system.

Call a Plumber

You may be planning on taking care of most of the remodeling yourself, but you should still call a plumber to inspect your bathroom before you start. This is especially true if you plan on doing major renovations, like changing the location of your toilet. Pat Dolan Plumbing, a plumber in Massapequa, specializes in bathroom remodeling and can help you redo your piping or install things like faucets and showers. Damage to plumbing systems can be very costly to repair, so it’s much better to get it done the right way first and avoid repair costs.

Cover Your Fixtures

Are you retiling your shower or repainting your bathroom walls? If you are, be careful not to damage fixtures like light switches, faucets, handles and drains. The best way to prevent splattered paint from ruining your beautiful fixtures is to securely cover your appliances. Use a drop cloth cut to the size of the fixture and then use painter’s tape to wrap it and attach it tightly around the item. This will protect not only the edge of the appliance but the entire piece.

Turn Off the Water

If you are planning on doing a major remodel (like having a professional plumber reconfigure your bathroom), know where your main shut-off valve is. Accidentally cutting into a pipe full of water can be very dangerous. Even if you aren’t planning on turning your water off, you should know where the shut-off valve is in case of an emergency.

Protect Yourself

It’s very important to protect your home’s plumbing system during DIY projects and renovations, but it’s more important to protect yourself. As you work in your bathroom, wear protective clothing like safety glasses, gloves and a facemask. These may seem like paranoid precautions, but chemicals and tools used in remodeling can be harmful if you aren’t careful.

Don’t Do it Alone

Even if you just plan on freshening up the paint in your bathroom, have a DIY buddy close by. Chemical fumes can be dangerous, and in case of an injury or fall, you’ll need someone to assist you and possibly drive you to a medical center. If you are planning a major renovation, please contact Pat Dolan Plumbing, an East Meadow plumber, so you can have a professional help you plan and carry out your extensive plans.

Remodeling your bathroom is a great way to breathe new life into a drab bathroom. Adding fresh paint and even rearranging appliances to make your bathroom more usable can make a big difference.

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