Tips for an Easy Bathroom Vanity Makeover

Image courtesy of paintchipdiaries/Flickr.

Image courtesy of paintchipdiaries/Flickr.

Who says your bathroom vanity has to be boring? If your vanity is a little plain and dull or if it’s looking a little worn down, there are some easy updates you can make to turn it around. Since the vanity is the focal point in most bathrooms, these updates can make the whole room look new and updated.

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Replace or Frame the Mirror

The mirror you use in your bathroom can make a big statement. Replace a boring mirror with one with more personality that has a unique, decorative frame or go with a different shape to add visual interest.

You can also add molding, painted or stained to match the room, to frame the mirror, turning an ordinary mirror into a classy one that adds to the design.

Add Side or Upper Lighting

Lighting is another element that can make a huge difference in a bathroom. Try adding some lights on either side of the vanity mirror, or above it, to add function and style. Look for pieces that complement the decor and will help you make the room more visually appealing.

You can also replace current lighting to update the room or remove fixtures, use spray paint to update them, and then replace them for a quick and easy fix.

Give it a Coat of Paint and Update Hardware

Give that old, worn vanity new life with a fresh coat of paint. Go with a dark brown or black for a classy, warm look or brighten up the bathroom with a fun shade of blue, yellow, green or even simple white. Make sure you use a water-resistant finish so it will hold up and last for a long time in the damp room.

While you’re at it, remove the hardware and paint it to match the new look or replace it altogether. Even this update alone can make a difference.

Image courtesy of Emily May/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Emily May/Flickr.

Install Legs and Trim

Add a touch of class just by installing some legs and trim to the bottom of your vanity. While these will just be decorative, they can make a retro, modern or plain vanity look classy and interesting. You can complete the look by adding crown molding and baseboards to the bathroom.

Add Floating or Dividing Shelves

Add some storage and make your vanity look a little more substantial by adding some floating shelves on the walls next to the vanity or a bookcase between two sinks that goes from the countertop to the ceiling. Shelves make the vanity look more complete and give you more room for linens, hygiene items and decorative knick-knacks.

Don’t let a simple or boring vanity take your bathroom down. These quick and easy tips can be used for almost any bathroom and will make your vanity, and the entire space, look new and updated.

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