12 Ways to Make More Space in your Kitchen Cabinets

Image courtesy of Christa/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Christa/Flickr.

You’re putting dishes away and trying to squeeze just one more pan in that cupboard. You are looking for the aluminum foil and can’t find it because your drawers are full of clutter. We’ve all been there. Kitchen cupboards can easily get overfilled, cluttered and unorganized.

Every once in a while, your cupboards deserve an upgrade so they can store more and actually help you keep things organized. Here are our top ways to make more room in your kitchen cupboards, no matter how big or small they are.

Take Advantage of Inside of Doors with Hooks

Turn the inside of your cupboard doors into storage spaces by adding a few hooks for hanging anything from pot holders to measuring cups or even spoons.

Use Cupboard Racks to Double Real Estate

Pick up a few cupboard racks at a home improvement store and use them to double the real estate in your cupboards. These let you use all the vertical space between shelves so you can stack more dishes or organize more cans.

Invest in Drawer Organizers

While you’re adding cupboard racks, use some drawer organizers too. These can actually make more storage space because when your utensils and cooking gadgets are organized you can fit more in each drawer.

Hang a Letter File for Bonus Space

Use a letter file inside a cupboard to add some space the sneaky way. You can screw one to the inside of a door to tuck away grocery lists, coupons and recipes or even cutting boards or utensils like wooden spoons, tongs and spatulas. You can also use a magazine holder for larger items.

Add Tension Rods for Easy Organization

Add some tension rods in your cupboards, vertically, to make it possible to prop up cookie sheets, muffin pans, cutting boards and food preparation dishes. When these are organized, you’ll be able to store more.

Transform Towel Bars to Pot Lid Holders

Screw a few towel bars inside some cupboard doors, or the pantry door, to make a handy space to hold pot lids. The lids can fit just between the door and the towel bar with their handles holding them in place.

Use a CD Rack for Tupperware Lids

Repurpose an old CD rack or pick up an inexpensive one just to use in the kitchen. You can lay this inside a drawer, stand it up in a cupboard or even attach it to a pantry wall to hold your Tupperware lids, saving you lots of space.

Arrange Produce Baskets Wherever you Can

Use produce baskets wherever you can, for produce and other items. Arrange then on tables, counters and even on shelves inside cupboards to get organized so you can reclaim space.

Create a Magnetic Spice Rack

Image courtesy of Sarah Cady/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Sarah Cady/Flickr.

Get all those spices out of the way with a magnetic rack. You can transfer the spices into small jars and then attach magnets to the backs or lids. Then, label them and arrange them on the side of the fridge or screw a sheet of metal onto a wall or under a shelf or cupboard. This can help you clear out an entire cabinet and make room on your counter.

Maximize Under-Sink Storage

The cupboard under the sink is one lots of people neglect. Maximize storage space here by screwing a magazine holder onto the door to hold extra sponges, adding a horizontal curtain rod to hang spray bottles from and adding a few bins to corral everything else. Before you take on this project, contact a plumbing service on Long Island to get leaks repaired to keep the storage space dry.

Add a Lazy Susan to the Pantry

Add a lazy Susan to a shelf in the pantry, or anywhere else, to make reaching cans and containers easy. This can also add a lot of organization, which can help you save space.

Make Bins your Best Friends

One of your best friends when it comes to kitchen organization should be bins. These can help you organize even the most cluttered cabinets and make them easier to use as you can easily pull them out to find what you are looking for.

When you organize your kitchen cabinets and use a few of these tips, you’ll realize you have more storage space than you thought you did. Now is a good time to make appliance repairs and repair leaky pipes so your kitchen will stay dry. We are a plumbing service on Long Island that specializes in appliance repair and leak detection and repair, so contact us for high-quality solutions.

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