6 Mini Home Improvement Projects for Big Changes

Image courtesy of Tim Sackton/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Tim Sackton/Flickr.

If you’re itching for a change this fall, you don’t have to take on a major home improvement project to make it. In fact, there are lots of smaller projects that can make a big impact, especially when you take on a few over the course of several weeks.

Here are six mini home improvement projects that don’t take much time, money or effort, but that can help you make a big change.

Install new Bathroom or Kitchen Fixtures

Installing new faucets and shower heads is a project you can do in just a few hours but can make a big impact on your bathroom or kitchen. This simple project can help you update a dated room or change the style altogether.

Repair and Maintain Appliances

Finally get that leaky faucet looked at or that running toilet repaired. Making sure your appliances are repaired and maintained will keep your rooms functional and can help you avoid costly damage. We provide plumbing service on Long Island, so contact us for assistance.

Add Beadboard for Character

Give that boring dining room, laundry room or kitchen some character by installing some beadboard. You could opt for a chair rail, paneling, molding or baseboards instead, which also add interest and character to otherwise dull walls.

Paint Just one Wall

The thought of painting your home is overwhelming. But guess what: you can make a big difference by just painting one wall. Choose one wall in your living room, kitchen or entryway and paint it a contrasting color or slightly different hue to turn it into an accent wall. Don’t be afraid to get creative with painting techniques!

Redo or Replace Hardware

Another simple way to update a bathroom or kitchen or just a piece of furniture like a dresser or desk is to redo the hardware. You can unscrew the knobs and drawer pulls and spray paint them for a new look. Or, you can install new pieces to completely transform the look and feel of the area.

Install a Window Treatment

Window treatments have a way of softening a room, enclosing roomy spaces and making areas feel more comfortable. The right curtains, blinds or valences can bring in some much needed color, texture and personality. For some privacy without the treatment, consider using frosting spray paint for a window or door.

All of these mini home improvement projects are simple and don’t take much time to complete. But, they can all make a big difference in any room and help you update your home.

If your plans include appliance repairs, leak detection and repair or other plumbing services, contact us. Our experienced technicians provide plumbing service on Long Island.

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