Time-Saving Bathroom Cleaning Shortcuts

Image courtesy of Judy/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Judy/Flickr.

No one likes to clean the bathroom, but with these time-saving tricks you might not dread the chore quite as much! The trick to making bathroom cleaning easier is to stay on top of things. When you don’t let the grime build up, cleaning the sink and even the toilet is a snap.

Less Elbow Grease, more Easy Wiping

Don’t waste your time and energy trying to scrub away hard-water stains and other buildup. Soak a few paper towels in white vinegar and then wrap them around the base of your sink and tub faucet. Let them sit for about and hour and when you come back you can just wipe everything away.

You can use the same trick to clean the shower head too. Mix 1/3 cup baking soda with 1 cup white vinegar in a plastic bag. Attach the bag to the shower head with a rubber band so the entire fixture is submerged. Let this stand for a few hours to remove grime, calcium and lime, and then remove the bag and wipe away any left over debris.

Throw the Shower Curtain in the Wash

If you have a vinyl shower curtain you can actually put it in the washing machine. Just be sure to set it to the gentle cycle and use cold water and never put it in the dryer. This is by far the fastest and easiest way to clean a shower curtain and sure beats trying to wash it by hand!

Heat things Up

Before you tackle stubborn soap buildup and stains on your shower or tub walls, heat things up. Run the shower on its hottest setting for a few minutes to get the surfaces about 10 degrees warmer than room temperature. When the surfaces are warm, cleaning products can be more effective and scrubbing away grime is easier.

If you don’t get very hot water in your bathroom or your drains aren’t working properly, contact us. You can read some Pat Dolan Plumbing reviews to see what our customers think of our services.

Wax to Protect

When you’re done cleaning, rub wax paper along the sink faucet and handles and the fixtures in the shower. This simple tip will help the fixtures repel water and keep them spot free. Do this every time you clean your bathroom for ultimate protection.

Finish with the Floors

Clean the floors last so all that dust, dirt, hair and debris from the counters and other surfaces won’t land on your newly cleaned floor. Try using a vacuum instead of a broom for a deeper clean and then follow up with a mop as needed.

As you clean, keep an eye out for leaks, drips or problems with fixtures and contact a plumber immediately if you notice a problem. Even small problems can lead to big damages. We specialize in appliance repair and leak detection and repair. You can read someĀ Pat Dolan Plumbing reviews to see what our customers think.

Cleaning your bathroom doesn’t have to be scary. These tips can make your job easier and faster so you can get on to what really matters.

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