Decorating your Laundry Room: Why Not?

Image courtesy of Emily May/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Emily May/Flickr.

Who says your laundry room needs to be bland and boring? When you add some interest, personality and extra function to the room, it becomes more than just a space to set up your washer and dryer. It becomes a place that is pleasant to use and that flows with the rest of your home’s style.

In just one weekend, you can make some quick and easy changes to bring some style into your laundry room. However, if you want to install new appliances, add a sink or alter your plumbing, contact a Seaford plumber before you start your project.

Paint the Walls

Start by choosing a color palette that matches the rest of your home. Go with cool colors for a calm, open look and warmer colors to make a bold statement.

The laundry room is a great place to use a special painting technique, paint one wall a different color or even use painter’s tape to make a pattern in one area.

Image courtesy of Maegan Tintari/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Maegan Tintari/Flickr.

Work with the Floors

You can install a new hardwood or tile floor or you can work with the one you already have. Treat the floor with paint or stain or use rugs to make it feel warmer and add some interest.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to make the room harder to use. If you go with a rug, choose one that is easy to clean and that has a shorter pile, so it won’t get in your way.

Add Style-Worthy Shelving

The number-one thing laundry rooms need is excellent storage! Add some style-worthy shelves to your room to make it more functional while adding some personality.

Install some floating shelves, add a bookcase or even bring in a wire unit with some fabric bins. Choose colors and styles that match the room. As you add storage, make sure you are adding function. Bins and shelves are great for storing detergents, bleaches, fabric softeners and dryer sheets to keep them out of the way but still readily accessible.


Now it’s time to accessorize! Start with the walls and dress them up a little with window treatments, a clock, artwork, framed quotes or anything else you want. Arrange a few things like vases, knick-knacks or framed pictures on some open shelves to make them part of the room’s decor.

A decorated laundry room is more than just a cluttered closet. It is an organized, comfortable place that looks like it belongs in your home. If your makeover plans include installing new appliances or altering your plumbing, contact us. We are a Seaford plumber that specializes in appliance installation and remodeling.

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