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Swimming In October?

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Having a pool is a great way to have fun and enjoy the water during the summer months. But if you wish to extend the use of your pool, you’ll need to keep it warm. One of the best ways to keep your water at a comfortable temperature is with the use of gas pool heaters.

Why Use A Gas Heater For Your Pool?

A gas pool heater is cost-efficient and is an excellent alternative to more expensive electric heaters. Maintaining the pool itself is already a large investment and having an additional heater for your pool increases your monthly expenditures. A gas heater uses either propane or natural gas and water simply circulates with the use of a pump. Gas is burned inside the heater’s chamber and the heat generated is transferred to the water.

A gas heater is efficient when used for quick heating needs and, compared to other types of heaters, can maintain a certain temperature regardless of the weather. When maintained properly, a gas heater can last for more than five years.

Proper Installation and Maintenance

When using a gas heater for your pool, proper installation and regular maintenance is needed in order to keep its efficiency. To install the heater you need the services of a plumber or a qualified professional. For maintenance, you can check out the heater’s manual for simple procedures, but if you need help in repairs and complicated maintenance procedures it’s best to leave it to professionals.

Gas heaters require efficient combustion to work properly and an adequate air supply is needed to ensure optimized performance. Insufficient combustion is a common issue of many gas pool heaters and it’s recommended to find a suitable location for the heater where there’s adequate air supply. Consult the user manual or contact one of our technitions for varying air supply requirements of different types of gas heaters. Outdoor installations won’t have much of an issue but indoor installations need to be checked to ensure proper operation.

If you’re looking to install a gas heater for your swimming pool, whether indoors or outdoors, always consult with an experienced plumbing professional. Whether you prefer a natural gas heater or a propane heater, you won’t go wrong with their energy efficiency and high performance. They’re easy to opperate and maintain and can provide you with worry-free heating for your swimming pool. Now you can relax and dive into your pool with comfortable warmth well into the cooler months.

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