Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

Water heaters are a crucial component in every American home and no one would argue that Americans consider hot water a ‘must have’ necessity and not a luxury. Imagine a lifetime of cold showers…

Recently on demand water heaters have become more popular due to their cost savings and eco-friendliness. You might hear them referred to as instantaneous or most commonly, tankless water heaters. These appliances supply hot water as needed and unlike conventional water heaters, on demand water heaters do not store gallons of water. They also don’t expend the large amounts of energy required to keep that water hot 24/7 like the water heaters we are most familiar with today. Since tankless water heaters are designed to heat the water only when you need it, you may find the purchase of an on demand water heater a cost effective investment for your home.

An on demand water heater will cost more to purchase, but the energy savings will help you recoup the higher initial cash outlay over time.

Another benefit of the on demand water heater is that it does not require an insulation blanket  to maintain the water temperature.  Another scenario where an on demand water heater can save you money is if it springs a leak. Eventually, all water heaters leak as they age and because tankless heaters only store a minimal amount of water,  the damage would be less significant.

These innovative on demand water heaters work in the following way: when you turn on the hot water, cold water comes from the water main at the street to the appliance. The water is heated by electricity using an element similar to an oven or a gas burner. You never have to wait for the replenishment of hot water again like a conventional water heater. In fact,  you will never be in the shower and go from hot to cold either. This happens when the stored hot water is depleted or sometimes because someone in your household flushes a toilet or turns on the water somewhere else in your home.

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