5 Signs You Need a New Boiler this Holiday Season

Image courtesy of Chiot's Run/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Chiot’s Run/Flickr.

If you depend on your boiler for central air or hot water, this plumbing appliance may be one of the most important appliances in your home. People tend to notice problems with their boilers more in the winter months as temperatures get colder and they try to heat their homes. When your boiler isn’t up to par, you will have a hard time staying warm.

If your boiler is getting less and less effective and you’re wondering if it is time to replace it, these five signs could mean it is time to upgrade.

The Boiler is More than 20 Years Old

In general, if your boiler is more than 20 years old it is probably time to replace it. At this point, boilers tend to wear out and investing in a new one is a good idea. Newer models, including high-efficiency boilers, are often more effective and can even help you save money. So, when you upgrade you’ll notice a difference in performance and price.

You Notice Uneven Water Temperatures

If you have noticed that the water coming out of your faucets fluctuates in temperature, or is extremely hot or cold, you most likely need to replace your boiler. This sign means that the parts inside the boiler aren’t working properly, meaning the boiler will eventually stop working altogether.

The Boiler Leaks

Some leaks can be repaired so if you notice your boiler is leaking, contact a plumber who does boiler repair on Long Island to inspect it. If the leaks are severe or if there are several leaks in the boiler, you may actually save money by investing in a new boiler. A professional can help you decide if the leaks you have can easily be repaired.

You Hear Popping, Knocking or Hissing Sounds

If you hear strange sounds, like popping, knocking, or hissing sounds, coming from your boiler, it probably means the water inside is distributed unevenly. When this happens, the boiler doesn’t work very effectively and it could be a sign that more problems are on their way. When you hear these sounds, it’s likely that you need a new boiler.

Constant Repairs and Utility Bills are Hurting Your Budget

When you are constantly paying for your boiler to be repaired or your utility bills seem extremely high, you should consider replacing your boiler. After a while, it is wiser to invest in a new boiler, which works better, than to keep paying to repair a boiler that will need to be replaced soon anyway. Newer, high-efficiency boilers can also help you decrease your utility bills because they use less energy than older models.

If you notice any of these signs, or if you are just ready to upgrade your boiler to a newer model that is more efficient and more affordable to maintain, contact us. We specialize in boiler repair on Long Island and can install a new boiler for you so you can stay warm this holiday season.

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