New Year’s Resolutions to Keep Your Home in Top Shape

Image courtesy of ponsulak/

Image courtesy of ponsulak/

It’s that time again: time to write some new year’s resolutions and set some goals. You might not usually use this time of year to plan home improvement projects, but it’s actually the ideal time to find ways to keep your home, appliances and systems in top shape.

Have Your Drains Cleaned

Set up an appointment to have your drains professionally cleaned. Having this done on a regular basis will help you keep your entire system in good condition. Soap, hair, rust and other buildup block your drains all year, and a professional can safely clear them out so they will work properly and so that blockage doesn’t damage your system.

Go Green at Home

By making just a few changes you can make your home and its appliances more environmentally friendly, which can actually help you save money. Green plumbing solutions, electrical appliances and kitchen appliances all use less water and energy, helping you cut back on your utility bills.

Do Outdoor Maintenance

How long has it been since you cleaned out the rain gutters, added new mulch to your gardens or repainted that fence? Set some goals to repair outdoor features that not only make your home look good, but also keep it in good condition and help you avoid further damage.

Schedule a Plumbing Inspection and do General Repairs

A professional plumber can inspect your system and appliances and tell you what kind of condition things are in. He can also alert you to potential problems that could be avoided with a simple repair. If you are looking for leak detection and repair, gas plumbing repair or boiler repair on Long Island, contact us. We provide these and many other services that will help you keep your home in good condition.

Replace Batteries in Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors need to be tested regularly. The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to replace the batteries in these systems and check to make sure they are working properly. It’s also a good idea to make sure you have at least one smoke alarm and one carbon monoxide detector on every floor and one in every bedroom.

Take advantage of the beginning of a new year to plan some projects and tasks that will keep your home in top condition, and more importantly, keep your family safe. For plumbing inspections and repairs, or boiler repair on Long Island, contact us. Our technicians are ready to help you make sure your plumbing systems are working properly.

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