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6 Tips To Avoid A Dishwasher Disaster

Going without a dishwasher for any period of time can be a real pain.  Who wants to wash dishes after having the luxury of pressing a few buttons and having it done for you? The good news is that dishwasher breakdowns can easily be avoided as long as you make it a regular habit to clean your dishwasher.

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Make Sure that your Dishwasher is Installed Properly

For one thing, you can prevent a good number of plumbing surprises by making sure that your dishwasher is installed properly. To avoid major drain problems from happening, the appliance must not only sit level on the floor but the drain hose needs to be fitted properly too. For example, if the hose is not adequately routed, you can end up with a major clog. So, make sure that the hose is attached to the appliance so food is unable to collect in the port that leads to the disposal and sink.

Run Hot Water in your Sink

In order to prevent clogs as well, you should always make it a practice to run hot water in the sink before you operate the machine. Get into the habit as this type of purging will prevent the buildup of soap scum and food.

Clean the Gaskets to Prevent Leaks

You also want to get into the habit of cleaning the door gaskets on a regular basis. Cleaning the gaskets will eliminate hard water deposits and residue from forming over time. Include an additive that is designed to remove hard water buildup when you are using the machine as well. By regularly cleaning the gaskets, your dishwasher will maintain a good seal and leaks are far less likely to develop.

Some other Precautions to Take

Also, make sure that you are careful not to overload your dishwasher as the spray can get redirected to the seal around the door. It’s also not advisable to add more detergent than is required because this can result in leakage, not to mention damage to the flooring around the machine. Take time to scrutinize and clean the spray arm holes on your dishwasher too. Get rid of any lodged food or particles by using needle-nose pliers or a tweezers.

Taking Care of Mold and Odors

When you use the dishwasher, it’s best to select the heated dry option on the appliance. Otherwise, mildew can accumulate, which also can lead to plumbing issues. Not only can mold collect on the inside components of the sump, it can make itself at home on the inside walls as well.  Fortunately, special products are available that will clean away mold and unpleasant odors. However, you usually don’t have to buy these kinds of cleaners if you use your dishwasher fairly consistently.

Replace the Filter to Avoid Repairs

You should also clean the filter on your dishwasher on a regular basis. If you find that the filter is worn to the point that it contains holes, replace the part immediately to protect the motor on the appliance and avert any problems with leaks.

As you can see, most major drain and dishwasher disasters can be avoided. Therefore, don’t negate the importance of maintaining the appliance. Dishwashers make clean-up easier, which also causes many homeowners to look past their obligation to keep the appliance well-maintained. Indeed, regularly cleaning your dishwasher can prevent a major expense and insure the appliance against an unforeseen problem.

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