Ways to Make Your Bathroom Water-Efficient

This is a guest post from National Builder Supply, which provides kitchen, bath, and lighting fixtures.

Today’s homeowners are aware that there are water-efficient products on the market to reduce the amount of water they use in their daily lives. However, due to poor experiences with the prototypes of these products and bad installation jobs, many are weary of installing these products in their homes.

Don’t worry! The plumbing has had almost 20 years to adjust to federal water usage guidelines. The results are some pretty innovative products that will lower your water usage. This will save you money and the planet at the same time. Read on to learn more about several smart products that will make your bathroom more water-efficient.

1. Faucet Aerators

faucet_aeratorBathroom faucets are mainly used to wash hands and brush teeth, so ample water is not a priority. This is where bathroom faucet aerators come into play. Faucet aerators reduce the amount of water that your bathroom faucet releases without effecting performance. The small ring of metal mesh simply screws to the end of your bathroom faucet spout and restricts copious amount of water from pouring out of the faucet. In short, a simple $2 ring of metal could end up saving you big bucks.

2. Bathroom Faucets

If you’re ready to upgrade the design of your bathroom in addition to its water-efficiency, a new bathroom faucet is a great start. Today’s bathroom faucets are designed to not use any more than 2. 5 gallons of water per minute, with even more efficient models available on the market. And thanks to the diversity of selection available, it’s feasible to replace your outdated bathroom faucet with a more stylish and water-efficient fixture for less than $150.


3. Air-Infused Showerheads and Handshowers

When converting to water-efficient products, the one fixture homeowners are most concerned with is their showerhead or handshower, especially women with thick hair. Luckily, manufacturers have figured out an innovative way to make showerheads more water-efficient without effecting performance – by utilizing the power of air. These showerheads and handshowers pull air into their heads and then infuse the air into the water. This results in larger water droplets that coat the skin and soak the hair. In short, less water is used but the function of the showerhead is not sacrificed.


4. Toilets

american_standard_toiletAnd finally, the best way to make your bathroom water-efficient is to upgrade your toilet. Toilets sold before 1996 could use up to 3 gallons per flush. If you take into account the average toilet is flushed 5 times per day, that’s 15 gallons per person per day, or over 5,000 gallons every year!

All toilets sold after 1996 use 1.6 gallons per flush maximum, instantly reducing your water usage in half. And in the last 20 years, toilet manufacturers have perfected the designs of their toilets to reduce the amount of water used per flush while ensuring that the toilet will properly flush every time. More and more states are adopting 1.28 gallons per flush limits and TOTO even makes a 1 gallon per flush toilet! Upgrading your toilet will truly reduce your water bill while conserving the planet at the same time.

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