Sneaky Ways to Add Storage Space to Your Kitchen

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

If it seems like you can never find enough storage space in your kitchen, these tips are for you. At some point, you just can’t fit more in your cupboards and you will run out of creative storage spots in your home to store pans, small appliances and even groceries. But, with these sneaky ways to add storage to your kitchen, you’ll be surprised at how much extra storage space you can create.

Get more out of Cupboard Doors

Don’t let all that space behind your cupboard doors go to waste! You can install a spice rack, a paper tray for things like aluminum foil, or even small towel racks to hold pot lids to the back of your doors. This easy project can help you free up space in cupboards and drawers, adding storage for utensils and cooking gadgets.

Use Wall Space to your Advantage

If you have lots of empty wall space in your kitchen, use it to your advantage! One of the best ways to do this is to attach a pegboard to the wall and then add hooks for hanging utensils and small cookware items. When you do this the right way, you’ll actually be adding a design element and conversation piece to your kitchen.

Give your Pantry a Makeover

Are you using your pantry to its fullest potential? Use shelf racks, containers, bins, organizers and anything else you want to make it easier to add more to your shelves in an organized way. When you give your pantry a makeover, you’ll be surprised at how much space you suddenly gain.

Use Wasted Cupboards

Do you have a few cupboards, like the one under your sink, that have extra space? Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly how to use this space, but by installing some racks or even pullout units, you can use this cupboard to store cleaning products, paper towels, garbage bags and all the other kitchen essentials.

Before you tackle the cupboard under your sink, check for leaks that could cause water damage to the items you store there. Contact Seaford plumbers who specialize in leak detection and repair to make sure everything will stay dry.

Don’t Discount Counter Space

Add a wide-mouth vase or other containers to your counter to store cooking tools, a knife stand or even make room for your toaster or mixer on your counter to empty out drawers and cupboards, making room for other things. Do this sparingly to avoid a cluttered look, but using your counters is an easy way to get more storage in minutes.

These easy tips can help you add storage to your kitchen, no matter what size it is. Start regaining space this weekend by taking on a quick project! But, if you decide to make a more drastic change by remodeling your kitchen, contact us. We’re Seaford plumbers who specialize in kitchen remodels.

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