DIY Maintenance for your Gas Range

Image courtesy of vorakorn/

Image courtesy of vorakorn/

Gas ranges are one of the most common kitchen appliances and you probably rely on yours every single day. To keep it working well and make sure it lasts for years, your gas range does require some maintenance. By taking some simple steps and keeping a few easy tips in mind, your range will be sparkling clean, work well and be efficient for years.

If you ever suspect you have a gas leak or that your appliance isn’t working the right way, contact Seaford plumbers who specialize in gas plumbing right away. Gas leaks and issues with gas ranges can be very dangerous.

Don’t Skip Regular Cleaning

One of the easiest things you can do for your range is clean it regularly. Use a rag and either soap and water or a cleaner that is labeled as safe for stovetops to wipe down the surface, burners, control panel, dials and every other outside surface. Remove cooked-on food and stains with a scouring pad and hot, soapy water.

Use an oven cleaner to clean the inside as directed on the label. When the oven is cool, remove the racks and wash them with a rag, soap and water.

Deep Clean the Burners

Every so often you’ll need to clean the burners and burner grates. Grime and dust build up on these after a few months of regular use and can make your range less efficient and even pose a fire hazard. Before you do any kind of deep cleaning, unplug the range. When the stove is completely cool, remove the burners and let them soak in warm, soapy water, use a scouring pad to clean them and then let them air dry.

Don’t waste your time trying to scrub the burner grates. Instead, use this magic method to remove cooked-on stains, grease and grime. Place each burner in a gallon-sized sealable bag and add one-fourth a cup of ammonia to each bag, seal them and let them sit over night so the fumes can break down all the buildup. The next day you can simply wipe all the grime away with a damp rag.

Know how to Light the Pilot Light

If your gas range isn’t working right, lift the top to see if the pilot lights are lit. If they aren’t relight and adjust them. This is a simple fix you should know how to do yourself. However, if you smell gas, do not light the pilot light. Instead, ventilate the area and contact a professional.

Schedule a Gas Piping Inspection

When you have your gas piping inspected regularly, you’ll be able to make repairs and avoid dangerous situations. When a professional inspects your system, he will be able to find leaks, potential problems and perform maintenance to keep your range working well.

While you can do some cleaning and basic maintenance for your gas range, there are some things only an expert can do. Gas can be dangerous and if your range isn’t working properly, it can pose a major danger to your family. If you smell gas, your stove isn’t working right or you want to change the configuration of your gas line, you’ll need to work with a professional.¬†We are Seaford plumbers that specialize in gas plumbing, so contact us for this kind of maintenance.

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