Make your Kitchen Sink Look and Run Like New

Image courtesy of j l t/Flickr.

Image courtesy of j l t/Flickr.

Your kitchen sink is probably one of the most-used items in the room. Between cooking, washing dishes and cleaning, your kitchen sink takes on a lot. With all this use it can start to look a little dingy and even begin working less and less efficiently.

Have the Drain Professionally Cleaned

It’s important to have your drain professionally cleaned on a regular basis so that it works well and to avoid buildup that can damage your system. Steer clear of commercial drain cleaners because they can actually harm your drain or even pipes. Instead, have a plumber on Long Island visit your home and use high-tech equipment to clean your drain very well and safely. A technician can also help you identify and repair leaks in your tap or pipes.

Check the Water Pressure

It can be frustrating when your sink doesn’t have sufficient water pressure. If the water pressure seems a little low, start by unscrewing the end of the faucet and washing the aerator out. Then, make sure both shut-off valves under the sink are open. These should never be partially open. If neither of these approaches work, contact a plumber to assess your system.

Get Rid of that Smell

The easiest way to get rid of that gross smell is to clean the drain well. After you’ve had it professionally cleaned, pour 1/4 cup of baking soda and 1/4 cup of vinegar down the drain. Let it sit for about 10 minutes to deodorize the drain before you rinse it with hot water.

If you have a garbage disposal you can put a few lemon rinds in the drain and then grind them up with the disposal while the faucet is running. This gives it a fresh scent and helps get rid of any leftover smells the baking soda and vinegar couldn’t tackle.

Make it Shine

Now that your sink works well and doesn’t stink, you can make it shine so it looks like new. To get rid of all that buildup around the faucet, soak a few paper towels in vinegar and then let them lay on top of the grime for about an hour. When you come back you can easily wipe everything away. Use a cleaner, labeled for stainless steel or porcelain, and a damp rag to wipe the entire sink clean. Use an old toothbrush to make cleaning around the drain and corners easy.

When your sink works well and shines, it becomes more functional and makes your entire kitchen look fresh and clean. We are a plumber on Long Island that can professionally clean you drain and make repairs. Contact us to get started and get your kitchen sink back!

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