5 Easy DIY Projects for your Laundry Room

Image courtesy of Maegan Tintari/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Maegan Tintari/Flickr.

Whether you want to or not, you probably spend a good amount of time in your laundry room every week. All that sorting, loading and folding can be much easier when your laundry room looks great and has plenty of functionality. There are lots of ways you can take your laundry room to the next level so the space becomes more than just a place for piles of clothes.

If your laundry room makeover plans include installing new appliances, adding a sink or altering your piping, contact a plumber on Long Island.

Ladder Turned Clothes Hanger

When you have a spot to hang clothes to dry right as they come out of the washer, doing laundry becomes so much easier. An easy way to add this to your laundry room is to use a small ladder, or part of one from a thrift store, hung from your ceiling. Give the ladder a coat of paint, screw some hooks into your ceiling and then use small, short chains to hang it, horizontally so you can hang clothes from the rungs.

Washing Machine Counter Space

Laundry room counter space makes all the difference because it gives you a place to fold clothes and even store things like detergents and fabric softeners more easily. Make the most of the space above a front-loading washer and dryer by installing a countertop of finished piece of wood over them. Be sure to leave a few inches of space between the machines and counter so they have plenty of room to operate and you can easily pull them out to have them serviced.

Pedestal with Bonus Storage

Added storage doesn’t have to stop on top of the machines! Use some boards to build a sturdy pedestal frame that lifts your washer and dryer off the floor and gives you a handy place to store laundry baskets or a few bins full of laundry supplies.

Cleaning Supply Central

Make it easy to store and find cleaning supplies by setting up a station where you can keep everything from laundry detergent to window cleaner. If you have a cupboard, consider installing a curtain rod inside where you can hang spray bottles and adding a few bins for other supplies. You can also hang a shoe organizer on the back of the door so you’ll have pockets for cleaners, sponges, brushes and anything else that seems to clutter up the space.

Lost Sock Collection

Make it easy to keep track of those socks that are missing their other half with a decorative sign. Paint a small board to match the room, add some clothespins and then hang it on the wall. Whenever you find a lone sock you can add it to the collection so you’ll know where it is when you find its mate.

These simple do-it-yourself projects will make your laundry room easier to use and a more pleasant place to be. If your plans include installing new fixtures or reworking your piping, contact us. We’re a plumber on Long Island that specializes in remodeling.

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