How to Decorate a Small Kitchen

Image courtesy of Lucas Fox Barcelona - Ibiza - Mallorca/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Lucas Fox Barcelona – Ibiza – Mallorca/Flickr.

Even small kitchens can be decorated and match the style of the rest of your home. Sometimes it’s hard to get creative in such a small space and when you don’t have lots of room to work with, every inch counts. So how can you bring style and interest to a small kitchen? If you are interested in a remodel, contact us, a Long Island plumber that specializes in kitchen remodels. Or, if you just want to make a few simple changes this weekend, here are some tips to get you started.

Add Color in Different Ways

Color can do a lot for a room. Depending on the color and shade you use, you could accentuate certain areas of the room, make an area look bigger and add feeling to the space, all with some color. There are a few different ways you can add color to a small kitchen, first, on the walls as paint, artwork or as a backsplash. Keep in mind that lighter colors or just painting a few accent walls instead of all of them are good options for small rooms.

You can also add color in the form of accessories. Think curtains, appliances, plants and other decor. All of these elements can also add dimension and personality to a kitchen while bringing color to the room.

Less is More

Whenever you add something to a small room, it makes a big impact. Even if the piece is small, like a potted plant, it can make a big difference because it is in such a small space. When you are decorating a small kitchen, remember that less is more. This applies to several elements of decorating, from colors to accessories. As you decorate, resist the urge to keep adding more and more things, as this will just make your kitchen feel smaller and cluttered. Try to find a few ways to make a big impact, and then stop there.

Lighting makes all the Difference

Lighting is extremely important in small spaces. If the lighting isn’t adequate, your kitchen will seem dim and small. On the other hand, good lighting can help open up the space, bring attention to special features and even help bring out the colors you use throughout the room. Most kitchens have traditional ceiling lighting, but consider adding lamps or even lights above the sink or cupboards. The right kind of lighting can also add dimension, which will add interest to your kitchen.

All of these tips can help you decorate a small kitchen so it has personality and style. If you decide to do some major remodeling in your small kitchen, we are a Long Island plumber that specializes in kitchen remodels. We can help you install new appliances or fixtures or even repipe your kitchen so you can take full advantage of the space you have.

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