Don’t Miss These 4th of July Plumbing Tips


It’s the Fourth of July weekend, and that means barbecues, family gatherings, parties and fireworks. Whether you are hosting a big neighborhood celebration or just inviting a few friends or family members over, you’ll want to make sure your plumbing and appliances are ready to take the wear and tear that comes with lots of use.

Clean Your Drains

Barbecued foods and patriotic desserts are the center of lots of Independence Day gatherings. Make sure your kitchen sink is up to the task by cleaning your drains. You can reach inside your drain and clear any debris you can feel, but drains still need to be professionally cleaned on a regular basis. We are a plumber on Long Island that specializes in drain cleaning. One of our technicians can visit your home and use high-tech equipment to clean your drains.

Check Your Water Pressure

There’s nothing more frustrating than low water pressure on a hot day. This weekend, you’ll likely need water for cooking, serving to guests and maybe even some outdoor water fun. If your water pressure isn’t up to par, you will face frustration during your celebration. Low water pressure can be caused by several different things and a professional plumber can help you identify the problem and make necessary repairs.

Make Sure Your Gas Plumbing is Working

If your gas plumbing system isn’t working properly, you’ll have a hard time grilling those hamburgers. Indoor gas stoves rely on a gas plumbing system that brings natural gas into your home. If you have an outdoor kitchen area, or a grill outside that attaches to a gas line, you will also need to make sure your gas plumbing is working properly before the party starts.

Inspect Your Bathroom Plumbing

If your toilet doesn’t flush properly or your sink doesn’t drain right, your guests won’t be impressed. A professional drain cleaning can help fix clogged drains. A common bathroom plumbing problem is a running toilet. This is when a toilet’s tank is continually refilled. There are a few do-it-yourself fixes for this problem. First, try adjusting the lift chain by moving the hook to another position on the arm inside the tank. If that doesn’t work, there may be a leak somewhere in your toilet’s system.

To find out if you have a leak, add a few drops of food coloring to the tank. Check the toilet bowl in half an hour and if you see any of the dye in the water, there is a leak in your toilet. A running toilet may need a new toilet fill valve or flapper ball, which a plumber can install.

Don’t let an unexpected plumbing problem interfere with your Fourth of July plans. We are a plumber on Long Island that specializes in drain cleaning, gas plumbing, leak detection and repair and other areas. Contact us for an inspection or repair.

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