5 Home Improvement New Year’s Resolutions that will Bring Big Benefits

newyearresolutionHappy New Year! Right now, we’re all busy making resolutions and setting goals. Now is also the perfect time to make some home improvement resolutions that will help you keep your home in top condition all year long.

Different areas of your home require constant maintenance and regular care. Unfortunately, many of these tasks slip through the cracks and before we know it, we are dealing with major problems and expensive damage. Here’s an easy checklist that can help you stay on top of some areas that require your attention.

Replace your Furnace Filter and Clean Vents

It’s recommended that you change your furnace filter every three months, or more often if you have pets. Change your filter in January, and then mark your calendar to remind you to change it throughout the year. While you do this, check to make sure there isn’t any visible damage on the unit.

Use a vacuum hose and a damp cloth to clean the vents around your house. If you need to you can remove them and clean just inside the vent where dust and debris can get caught.

Both of these steps will help you keep your furnace working properly and efficiently, which can actually help you save money on your utility bills.

Test all Appliances and Schedule Maintenance Appointments

Now is a great time to test all the appliances in your home including smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms and the refrigerator, gas range, oven, dishwasher, boiler, washing machine and dryer. Visually inspect the units and the power cords to check for damage.

If something isn’t working right or an appliance hasn’t been serviced in while, schedule a maintenance appointment with a professional. We offer plumber service on Long Island and offer appliance repair and maintenance.

After you test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms, replace their batteries with new ones.

Defrost your Freezer and Clean your Drains

Freezers should be defrosted at least once a year. Choose a day to do this and then clean it out completely, defrost it and then use a wet cloth to wipe it clean before you turn it back on and replace the items.

Cleaning the drains in your kitchen and bathroom sinks and shower and bathtub is essential. Even if you haven’t noticed any clogs or slow drainage, things build up and if the drain isn’t professionally cleaned, can cause damage. Be careful about using harsh drain cleaning chemicals, as some of them can actually damage your pipes. A professional can use special equipment to clean the drains efficiently and safely.

Check Window and Door Seals for Damage

In the coming months, check window and door seals for damage. If there are cracks or breaks, cold outside air is coming into your home and your heater and air conditioning won’t be as efficient. Broken seals can also lead to water damage. Make note of areas that need to be fixed and then tackle them one at a time so they are all in good condition.

Look for Basement Cracks, Moisture and Damage

If you have a basement, check for cracks in the foundation, moisture on the floor or walls, water stains and structural damage. Often these kinds of issues go unnoticed, but in many cases they are caused by water damage, which can be difficult and expensive to deal with. If you catch problems early you can take care of them before they get out of hand.

The beginning of a new year is a great time to make some home maintenance resolutions that will keep your home in excellent shape all year. If you need assistance with appliance repair, drain cleaning or gas plumbing maintenance, contact us. We provide high-quality plumber service on Long Island.

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