3 Ways to get More out of Your Basement this Year

basementremodelClutter. Dark. Empty. Boring. Do these words describe your basement? If you have a basement that you aren’t using to its fullest potential, make this the year that you give it a makeover and start using it as additional living space.

Before you start, make sure the basement is in great condition and doesn’t have any issues so you won’t have to deal with them down the road. We specialize in leak detection and repair, appliance repair and boiler repair on Long Island, so we can help you with this step.

Storage Central

If you could use some extra storage space, transform your basement into storage central. Start by adding plenty of shelves on the walls. You can custom build these yourself so you can make them as wide and as long as you want. Consider making them wide and deep enough to add some large storage bins for things like seasonal decorations and things you don’t use very often.

The key to making this transformation work is creating organized storage. Don’t just pile things up. Instead, use labels, boxes and organized shelves to keep things tidy so you can find them.

An Extra Family Room

Turn your basement into an extra family room where the kids can play and you can relax after a long day at work. Start by finishing it with carpet or hardwood floor, drywall and plenty of lighting. Conquer the darkness with light paint colors on the walls and extra lamps where needed.

Then, add some comfortable furniture, an entertainment center, shelves for toys, games and movies, and some accents like wall art and knickknacks on end tables or shelves. If you have a large basement, add a desk to one end for a home-office or hobby space.

This project could be made even simpler by taking decorations and furniture from other rooms in your home to create this new space.


Full-Fledged Entertainment Room

If you’ve always wanted a movie or entertainment room, now is your chance to add one! Basements can be perfect for this because in many cases they don’t have windows or have very small ones, meaning the lighting is already perfect for enjoying a movie.

Of course, you will need to start with comfortable seating. Go with big, soft chairs or a few couches where people can relax. Then, add a big-screen television, speakers, surround sound, shelving for DVDs and anything else that should be in your dream entertainment room.

You can take this to the next level by adding lights that you can dim, plenty of end tables for refreshments, a game table and fun decorations like movie posters.

Make this the year that you finally make your basement usable. Whether you are looking to optimize storage space or turn it into the perfect kid-friendly family room, you will need to start by making sure the appliances and plumbing are in good shape. Contact us for remodeling services, leak repair or boiler repair on Long Island.

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