Tips for Creating a Kitchen Worthy of a Master Chef

Image courtesy of Susan Serra, CKD/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Susan Serra, CKD/Flickr.

Whether you consider yourself a master chef or not, you deserve a kitchen that is stylish and functional. Kitchens that are well designed and organized are easier to prepare meals in and they make the perfect gathering place for family and friends.

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get that dream kitchen either. A few do-it-yourself projects and easy updates is all it takes to create a kitchen worthy of a master chef.

Redo Your Counters and Cupboards

One of the biggest changes you can make in your kitchen is updating the counters and cupboards. You can install new ones, or you can just give the existing pieces a makeover. Remove cupboard doors, sand everything down and then refinish them with a new paint or stain and install new knobs and drawer pulls.

You can make a more dramatic change by cutting out the centers of some cupboard doors and replacing them with glass, or just removing some doors altogether for open shelving.

Make Necessary Repairs

Broken appliances in the kitchen can really get in the way of culinary creativity. Repair anything that is broken, like your refrigerator, oven, dishwasher or stovetop. Also make sure you have adequate water pressure and that you get enough hot and cold water. We specialize in water heater repair on Long Island, so we can make sure your kitchen has a constant supply of hot water.

Implement the Perfect Organizational System

Pro kitchens have organizational systems that can’t be beat. Every pot, pan, dish and gadget is in its place. Replicate this by using drawer and cupboard organizers. Also, think through where you keep kitchen tools and make sure they are in the most convenient places. For example, keep a canister of spoons and whisks near the stove or your pots and pans near the oven.

Add Some Color and Design

The best kitchens aren’t just functional; they are also beautiful. Repaint your walls, hang art and place accessories on shelves. If your kitchen is larger, and includes a table, use that to your advantage by using coordinating seat cushions and change the centerpiece periodically.

Another easy way to add some color and design is to install your own, custom backsplash. Use tiles, adhesive and grout to create a pattern that complements your kitchen and install it above the sink or across the entire space on the wall space just above the countertop.

Install Professional Lighting

The right lighting can make all the difference in a kitchen. Install light fixtures that illuminate the space well, highlight features and add depth. Start with overhead lighting and don’t be afraid to install hanging lights above an island or table, which can add to the style of the room.

Then, add light around the room where needed in the form of smaller ceiling lights or spotlights underneath the cupboards that light up the counters. This change may seem small, but it can make an ordinary kitchen something amazing.

Start transforming your kitchen into one that is worthy of a master chef by making a few small changes and eventually changing the entire space into something new. If your plans involve remodeling or appliance repair, we specialize in kitchen remodels, drain cleaning, leak detection and water heater repair on Long Island.

A well-designed and organized kitchen is the perfect place to experiment with recipes and gather with friends and family.

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