The Dangers of a Leaky Pipe

You may think a leaky pipe is just an annoyance, and something that you put off dealing with until you get tired of emptying the bucket that catches the water. But, believe it or not, even a small leak in a pipe can cause lots of costly damage if it’s not repaired right away.

Protect Your Health

Most importantly, leaky pipes can actually be harmful to your health. If a sewage pipe in or under your home breaks, your family could be exposed to dangerous toxins. Broken sewage pipes can release methane into your home. If inhaled, methane can be poisonous. Watch for symptoms like a sore throat and breathing problems to catch a methane leak right away.

Broken sewage pipes can also be the root cause of digestive infections. Bacteria like E. coli, pinworms and salmonella can enter your home through broken pipes. These bacteria can make you very sick with diseases like jaundice, cholera or hepatitis A. To prevent leaks in the first place, call Pat Dolan Plumbing, a plumber in 11701, Amityville.

Protect Your Home

Even small leaks can cause big damages to your home’s plumbing system and foundation. These damages can quickly get out of control and become very costly to repair. The fix? Catch leaky pipes early and have them repaired as quickly as possible. The water that flows from a leaky pipe can wash away the soil around your home’s foundation, causing damage to your home’s structure and even causing your house to lean in one direction. Or, water around the foundation of your home can cause the soil to expand, which pushes your home’s foundation upward. This is called heaving, and can create cracks in your walls, which will also damage your home’s foundation and entire structure.

A leak in your kitchen or bathroom can cause damage to appliances, drywall and your pipes. Leaking water that goes unnoticed will of course damage your carpets and flooring and may cause the broken pipe to become rusty. In time, these leaks will cause significant water damage, which can cause other problems like mold.

The Solution

The best solution to leaky pipes is prevention. Have your drains cleaned regularly and your plumbing system inspected by a professional often. For a professional plumber in Amityville who can clean your drains, call Pat Dolan Plumbing. Sometimes, even despite the best prevention efforts, leaks do happen. If you do find a leak in your home, there are still things you can do to prevent extensive damage.

First, get the water flow under control. If the leak is coming from an appliance, turn it completely off. If it is coming from your home’s main water line, use your water shut-off valve to turn your home’s water off. Use a bucket to catch water that is draining from the pipes to keep your floor and walls dry. Then, call a plumber right away. It’s tempting to put off calling an expert when the leak seems small, but catching it and repairing it now will save you a big headache and even money down the road.

Pat Dolan Plumbing, an extremely experienced Amityville plumber, can help you catch and prevent leaks so you don’t have to worry about extensive home damage or health consequences.

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