Tap into Unused Storage Space in Your Small Bathroom

Extra towel racks and vanity storage containers can add extra storage to a small space.

Extra towel racks and vanity storage containers can add extra storage to a small space.

Small bathrooms can present a real storage challenge. If your bathroom is lacking in the storage space department, there are some easy ways you can fix the problem. Remodeling your bathroom is always an option. If you decide to remodel and move your bathroom fixtures, we’re an emergency plumber on Long Island, a plumber in 11758, that offers bathroom-remodeling services.

If you’re looking for ways to add storage without necessarily remodeling your bathroom, there are some easy fixes you can use in almost any bathroom.

Rethink How You’re Using What You Have

The easiest way to add more storage to your bathroom is to rethink the storage solutions you already have. Clean out cupboards and closets to get rid of anything that can be stored somewhere else. As you load things back into your cupboards and closets, organize them in a way that makes sense but also conserves space.

One way to add some organization to a messy closet or cupboard is to invest in some storage containers. Look for boxes, bins or even adjustable shelves that can be added to existing shelves to use vertical space. A good clean out and a little time spent organizing might just free up some space you didn’t know you had.

Get Creative with Space

Find areas in your bathroom that are unused. For example, is there an empty wall? Is there space under your sink that isn’t being used? What about above the toilet? Each of these areas has storage potential. You might need to get creative to find ways to use the space, but it’s definitely possible. Consider adding some storage bins or shelves in one of these areas.

Think outside the box to find ways to add storage in small areas where you may not be able to fit conventional storage solutions. Wall space above vanities and bathtubs often go unused, but there are lots of storage fixtures you can purchase to mount on the wall, adding storage options without taking up valuable space.

Add Some Furniture

If your problem is a lack of storage, not necessarily a lack of space, consider adding some bathroom furniture. Beautiful and convenient bathroom furniture can add lots of storage options. Look for cupboards, vanities, shelving units and even re-purposed dressers that have lots of storage potential. Remember to use the space inside these pieces wisely by using organizing systems like bins and drawer dividers. If you have lots of empty space, adding some furniture can also help add a cozy, homey feel to your otherwise cold, sterile bathroom.

Adding storage to a small bathroom doesn’t have to be impossible. Think creatively and use the space you have more wisely, and you’ll be able to keep everything from extra linens to beauty products in your bathroom, right where you need them. If you decide it’s time to remodel your bathroom, contact us, an emergency plumber on Long Island, and Massapequa plumber, and ask about our bathroom remodeling services.

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