Six Easy Ways to Update Your Kitchen Cabinets

Image courtesy of Wayan Vota/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Wayan Vota/Flickr.

Updating your kitchen cabinets is one of the easiest ways to make a change in your kitchen. Fresh cabinets breathe new life into the entire space and can help you drastically change the way the room looks. Luckily, there are lots of easy and inexpensive ways to make your cabinets look like new.

If your kitchen update plans include installing new appliances, leak detection and repair or water boiler repair, contact a professional. These jobs can be highly technical, and a professional can make sure everything is working right.

Repaint or Refinish ThemĀ 

One of the most basic changes you can make is to repaint or refinish your cabinets. Remove all the pieces, sand them down and then add a fresh coat of paint or stain. You can paint them a solid color or paint the center panel a different color than the rest of the cabinets.

Create Open Cabinets

Open cabinets, where you can see the dishes or ingredients inside, are very in right now, and you can actually get this look with your existing cabinets. You can either completely remove a cabinet door or you can simply replace the center panel of a door with glass. Try painting the back of the cabinet a contrasting color, or adding decorative paper, and installing lighting for a polished look.

Install new Hardware

For a quick and easy update, install new hardware to your cabinets and drawers. This simple change can take cabinets from traditional to modern or from retro to classic. Combine this tip with another update for an even more dramatic change.

Add Crown Molding

If your cabinets go all the way to your ceiling, you can install crown molding along the top of your cabinets. This project can change the look of your kitchen and even make your ceiling feel higher. This is a great project to do when you repaint or stain your cabinets, so that the molding and the cabinets will blend together perfectly, looking like one unit.

Dress Up the Cabinet Doors

Plain, generic cabinet doors are boring, but you can easily change that in just one weekend. Add thin pieces of crown molding to create a faux panel on the doors, use a stencil to add shapes or cover one with chalkboard paint for your grocery list. Dressing up your cabinet doors is also the perfect project to take on when you refinish your cabinets.

Install Cabinet Lighting

Installing spotlights inside your cabinets or underneath them so they light up your counters will make a huge difference in your kitchen. Good lighting adds function, dimension and interest to your kitchen and can make it look like a completely new room.

All of these projects are relatively simple but can make a bold statement in your kitchen. If your kitchen is looking a little dull or doesn’t flow with the rest of your home, try one of these tips. For remodels or updates that require appliance repair, pipe alterations or water boiler repair, contact us.

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