Plumbing Myths and What to Believe Instead

With all the do-it-yourself advice out there, how do you know what plumbing advice to follow and what to ignore? Many of the tips you hear are helpful and can help you keep your plumbing system running smoothly. However, some of the advice people pass on isn’t exactly true. These so-called tips can damage your plumbing and even cause expensive damage.

When you know what advice is credible and what is not, you can make better home plumbing decisions. Here are a few plumbing myths and what you should believe instead.

Myth: You should run your faucet while you run your garbage disposal to help the pipes drain completely.

Truth: It is true that running water down your kitchen sink drain along with waste can help your disposal do its job better. But, instead of dumping waste down the drain and then running the faucet, fill your sink with about four parts water and one part waste, and then let it drain with the disposal on. The waste will break up and pass more easily through your drain and disposal.

Myth: Drain cleaning chemicals can clear any clog and can make your pipes run like new.

Truth: Many people don’t realize that drain-clearing products can actually do more harm than good. Some of these products contain strong acids, which can damage old pipes or can cause damage if used frequently over a period of time. Instead of using these harsh chemicals, keep your drains clear of any visible clogs, dispose of waste with water and have a professional plumber clean your drains on a regular basis. If you are looking for a plumber Long Island, or a plumber in 11757, we offer quality drain cleaning services.

Myth: A dripping faucet can be ignored.

Truth: If your faucet is leaking, get it fixed immediately. Even a small drip can add up and cost you big time on your water bill. Leaking water can also cause damage to your faucet, sink and drains. If your appliances are constantly damp, you may begin to see mold, which can lead to further damage. If you think you have a leak, no matter how small, call us; we offer leak detection and repair services that can help you save money and prevent damage.

Myth: Low-flow toilets don’t work as well as traditional toilets.

Truth: The first low-flow toilet models may not have been the most effective models. However, today’s low-flow toilets work just as well as their traditional counterparts. These toilets use less water and are specially designed to do so, so you can rest assured that they flush with just as much power and work just as well as your old toilet. In fact, low-flow toilets don’t just work well, they also save you money on your water bill.

Knowing what is true and what is not can help you take care of your home’s plumbing. If you are looking for a plumber Long Island, or a plumber in Lindenhurst or surrounding areas, that can help you keep your drains cleaned and can repair leaks, please contact Pat Dolan Plumbing.

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