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When your toilet is overflowing or your refrigerator isn’t keeping food cold anymore, you know there is a problem. These warning signs are very obvious and signal a problem with the appliance. But, there are also smaller, more subtle warning signs that can warn you that something isn’t right, so you can avoid further damage.


If you notice moisture or condensation on the inside of your refrigerator, you likely have a problem with the door’s seal. The seal is meant to keep cold air inside, so it should be replaced or repaired right away. Another thing to watch for is a motor that runs continually. The motor in the refrigerator regulates the temperature, and when it is running too often it could mean that it is having problems maintaining a constant temperature.


One of the most common warning signs in toilets is when they continually run. If you hear water running through your toilet long after you have flushed it, or continually, there could be a problem with the flapper or another internal part. If there is moisture around the base of the toilet, it likely has a leak. If you notice either of these problems, contact a plumber.


If you open your dishwasher and find water at the bottom, it means it isn’t draining properly. Other warning signs include the dishwasher stopping mid cycle, excessive noise or the dishes are not cleaned or dried properly. A broken dishwasher can be frustrating, so get it fixed right away. It’s a good idea to contact a plumber to make dishwasher repairs, since the unit is attached to both your power and water supply, so maintenance can be dangerous.

Water Boiler

Some obvious signs that your water boiler needs to be serviced include a low supply of hot water or a noisy unit. Other problems include leaks and rusted patches on the boiler. These warning signs could signal all kinds of problems, so it’s best to contact a plumber who specializes in water boiler repair to inspect it and diagnose the problem.

Furnace and Air Conditioner

When you don’t feel hot or cold air coming through your vents, you have a problem with your heating and cooling system. Other things to watch for include a noisy unit or lower air pressure in your vents. First, make sure the pilot light is lit and be sure to change your filters regularly. If you suspect a deeper issue, contact a professional who can find and repair the problem for you.

When you know what these warning signs are, and watch for them in your appliances, you can catch problems before they develop into bigger issues. For professional help, contact us. We specialize in appliance repair, drain cleaning, leak detection and repair and water boiler repair and are ready to help you maintain your appliances.

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