Easy but Essential Holiday Home Safety Tips


The holiday season is here, which means extra lights, decorations, warm fires and parties. Unfortunately, this time of year can also bring some new home hazards that are problematic because we aren’t used to watching out for them all year long. But, there are some simple things you can do to make sure your home stays safe and merry and bright this month.

Don’t Use Frayed Cords

Frayed or broken extension cords, strands of lights and appliance power cords are a real fire hazard. When you decorate for the holidays or prepare for a party, check cords before you plug them in to make sure they are in good condition.

Never Overload Outlets

Don’t overload electrical outlets by plugging in too many cords and never connect multiple¬†extension cords together. Instead, use power strips and one extension cord that is long enough to get the job done. Also be sure that cords aren’t in high traffic areas where people may trip on them.

Watch Open Flames

Burning candles and a roaring fire bring that special holiday ambience, but they also bring fire danger. Never leave an open flame unattended and never burn candles near curtains, blankets or other items that could easily catch on fire. Now is the perfect time to make sure your fireplace and chimney are clean and working well.

Keep the Thermostat Up

Keeping your thermostat a little higher during the cold months, especially when you go out of town, can help you prevent frozen pipes. When pipes freeze they can cause leaks and even flooding. If you do experience frozen pipes of have a plumbing leak, contact us. We’re a plumber service on Long Island that specializes in leak detection and repair.

Protect Children and Pets

Hang lights up high and keep cords out of reach so children and pets can’t hurt themselves. Teach young children not to touch or tug on decorations so they don’t fall on top of them and remember that some holiday plants, like poinsettias, are toxic when ingested by pets.

Party Preparation

When you prepare for a party, arrange dangerous decorations like candles and glass ornaments in areas where they won’t accidentally get knocked over. It’s also a good idea to make sure your porch and driveway lights are working so guests can easily park and won’t slip on ice or snow.

Use Fresh Pine and Plant Decor

Whether you are setting up a tree, wreaths, garlands or any other kind of plant decor, stick with fresh or artificial plants. Dry boughs and leaves are a major fire hazard and are especially dangerous when lit up. Always keep open flames away from these items.

This holiday season, keep your home and family safe by taking a few precautions as you decorate and celebrate. If you encounter plumbing problems, broken appliances or frozen pipes, contact us. We are a plumber service on Long Island that offers 24-hour emergency services.


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