5 Tell-Tale Signs a Plumbing Emergency is Unfolding

emergencySometimes plumbing emergencies seem to come out of nowhere, when you least expect it. But, other times there are small warning signs that you have a plumbing issue that could quickly get out of control, creating an emergency situation. If you know what those signs are, you can have an emergency plumber on Long Island help you repair your system quickly.

Your Floor or Drywall is Damp or Moldy

If you find any water where it isn’t supposed to be, like your floor or drywall, you likely have a leaky pipe or appliance. Mold can also be a sign of a leak, but mold can be caused by other reasons as well. Even small leaks can cause big problems if they aren’t taken care of. They can ruin your pipes, plumbing appliances and of course, your home’s foundation and walls. If you are looking for a plumber in East Meadow, we offer leak detection and repair services.

Your Toilet is Constantly Running

When you flush the toilet, the water in the tank is supposed to fill the bowl with clean water. However, if you find your toilet is constantly running, always refilling or always draining, you should call a professional plumber. A running toilet usually means one or more toilet parts needs to be replaced. If they aren’t, you could be dealing with an overflowing toilet.

Your Water Pressure is Low

Low water pressure can be a sign of several different problems. It could mean your pipes are leaky or corroded. In either case, you’ll need a plumber to help you repair the leak or replace portions of your home’s pipe system. Sometimes low water pressure is caused by clogged pipes. Even if you have your pipes and drains cleaned regularly, minerals can build up in your pipes and clog them.

Your Drain Is Clogged

Clogged drains are more than a nuisance. They can lead to bigger problems like broken appliances or clogged or broken pipes. If one of your home’s drains doesn’t seem to be clearing as quickly as it should, call a professional plumber to have it inspected and cleaned. For a plumber in 11554, call us. We offer professional and quality drain cleaning services.

Your Faucets “Sputter” When Turned On

If your faucets make a funny sound or tend to “sputter” when you turn them on, there is probably some air in your pipes. Usually lots of air in your pipes will cause them to make loud banging sounds, but it can also lead to broken pipes. A professional plumber can bleed the air from your pipes, eliminating the sound and risk of broken pipes.

If you notice any of these signs, you need to call a plumber to inspect and repair your system. Pat Dolan Plumbing is an emergency plumber on Long Island, offering 24/7 emergency services.



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