3 Ways to Add Counter Space to a Small Kitchen


A kitchen with little counter space can be a real challenge. Whether you like to spend your time cooking and baking or just need more room for the family to gather, there are a few ways you can add counter space to your kitchen even if it is small. If you constantly find yourself in need of more counter space, these tips are for you.

Get Creative with What You do Have

If you don’t have a lot of counter space in your kitchen, what do you have? For example, do you have a table in the kitchen? If you do, try arranging your kitchen in a way that lets you use the table as extra counter space when needed. Or, do you have a very small island that could be altered to give you more counter space? There are covers that can be added to a stovetop or over a sink that are meant to give you extra counter space. This is a great option because it can easily be stored when it’s not needed.

Add Something New

If your kitchen is just lacking in counter space, but not space in general, you could actually add counter space. Of course, remodeling your kitchen and adding more counters and cupboards is always an option. If you need a Long Island plumber that specializes in kitchen remodeling, contact us.

There are also other ways you can add counter space without doing a complete remodel. For example, you can add an island to the center of a large kitchen. Many manufactures produce kitchen carts that are meant to add counter space and storage space to a small kitchen. They come in all sizes, so chances are you can find one that fits the space you have available.

Don’t Forget Your Walls

No matter how small your kitchen is you probably have at least some wall space. Take advantage of it by either adding a fold-down counter or mounting shelves for your appliances on the wall. Fold-down shelves are a great option because you can lower them when you need more space, and then store them against the wall when you don’t need them.

Another great way to free up some of your limited counter space is to store appliances on shelves instead of on your counter. For example, you could add shelves for a microwave, toaster, blender and any other appliance you use on a regular basis.

Don’t let limited counter space cramp your culinary style. Try getting creative with what you do have, adding more counter space and hanging counters or shelves from your walls and get back to enjoying your counter space. If you are interested in remodeling your kitchen, contact us. We are a Long Island plumber that specializes in kitchen remodels.

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