3 Kitchen Plumbing Problems and What they Might Mean

kitchensinkHave you ever had a plumbing problem in you kitchen, found a quick DIY-fix and then moved on? Sometimes that works, but sometimes small plumbing problems mean there is a bigger problem somewhere in your system. The only way to tell for sure what kinds of repairs you’ll need is to contact a Long Island plumber, but these signs can tell you if you have a kitchen plumbing problem that needs professional attention.

Clogged Sink Drains

A clogged sink drain can quickly become more than an annoyance. If your sink is draining more slowly than normal, or isn’t draining at all, clear the drain of any debris. Make sure the disposal is turned off and reach down the drain to see if you can clear the clog yourself. If that doesn’t work, there is likely a clog deeper down in your plumbing system. A plumber can assess your drain and pipes to locate the clog and then use professional equipment to safely clear it. Don’t use commercial drain-cleaning chemicals because the ingredients in them can actually damage your pipes.

Broken Garbage Disposal

If your garbage disposal isn’t working properly, it may just need to be reset. Try pushing the reset button on the bottom of the disposal and then turning it on again. If it still doesn’t work, contact a professional plumber. A broken disposal can be caused by several different things, and a plumber can repair it for you so you can get back to using it.

Leaky Pipes

Many homeowners ignore leaky pipes, believing it’s just a small problem. Unfortunately, even small leaks can indicate a more serious problem and if not repaired, can cause a lot of damage. If you notice a leak, or if the cupboards, floors or walls in your kitchen are damp, get it taken care of right away. Leaky pipes can mean your pipes are loose or damaged, or they can point to an entirely different problem. We are a professional Long Island plumber that specializes in leak detection and repair. Even if you aren’t sure where a leak is coming from, we can find it and repair it, helping you avoid future plumbing problems and expensive repairs.

Even seemingly small kitchen plumbing problems can lead to bigger problems or be a sign of an existing problem somewhere in your piping system. If you notice any of these signs, or any other problem, in your kitchen contact us for a diagnosis and repair.

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