3 DIY Toilet Repairs and 3 That Require a Professional

Image courtesy of Pete Markham/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Pete Markham/Flickr.

If your toilet doesn’t work or isn’t running the way it should be, you need a quick fix. There are some toilet fixes you can easily do yourself and there are others that require the help of a professional. Next time you toilet isn’t working right, check this list to see if it’s time to call a plumber.

Do-it-Yourself Repairs

These DIY fixes are easy to do, but if you find that they aren’t working or that you aren’t sure how to use these tips for your toilet, contact a professional.

Replacing a Detached Chain

If your toilet suddenly stops flushing, the toilet chain could be detached or broken. Take the lid off the toilet tank and wiggle the flusher to find the arm attached to it. One end of a small chain should be attached to this arm and the other to the flapper. Reattach the chain or replace it if it is broken.

Stopping a Running Toilet

There are lots of reasons for a running toilet, but if yours is running because the flapper isn’t working properly, you can easily fix this problem yourself. Open the toilet tank and use a ruler or paint stirrer to hold the flapper down and listen to see if the toilet stops running. If it does, the flapper needs to be replaced. You can purchase a flapper repair kit that includes the parts you will need and fix the toilet yourself. If the flapper isn’t the problem, contact a professional who can tell you what kind of toilet repair you need.

Removing Minor Clogs

Minor clogs can be removed with a plunger. If your toilet is clogged, try this approach first. You will need a flanged plunger for a toilet and should remove half the water from the bowl before you start using the plunger.

Repairs that Require a Professional

Many repairs are complicated and require the skill of a professional. If your toilet has any of these problems, it is best not to try to attempt to fix it yourself, but to call a plumber immediately.

Clearing Major Clogs

If your toilet has a major clog, or if you aren’t able to remove the clog with a plunger, you will need to contact a professional. A skilled technician can use high-grade equipment to safely clear the clog without damaging your toilet or plumbing system.

Fixing a Leaky Toilet Base

If your toilet leaks at the base, it will most likely need professional attention. There are many reasons for leaks and a plumber can identify the problem and then repair it quickly.

Replacing a Toilet

It is best to call a professional when a toilet needs to be replaced. A professional plumber can install it correctly and make sure it is properly attached to the rest of your system.

Next time you have toilet problems try these DIY fixes. If they don’t work, or if your problem is more serious, contact us. We are a professional plumber that specializes in toilet repair.

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